MMA Fundamentals - Footwork, Stances & Striking

Discover the intricacies of MMA essentials: footwork, stances, and striking. Dive deep into the art of distance control, fight strategy, and delivering fight-changing blows. With insights from GSP's illustrious career and a rich blend of technique and real-life demos, this course covers:

  • Footwork Mastery: Understand distance and its pivotal role in victory. Enhance your offense & defense, dictating the fight's pace.
  • Jab Precision: Move first and maintain position, ensuring every jab's effectiveness.
  • Lead Hook & Uppercuts: Harness torso torque and close counter combat prowess for impactful blows.
  • Elbow Dynamics: Optimize rotation and clinch damage with effective elbow strikes.
  • Kicks Unleashed: From front & side kicks to powerful roundhouses, learn proper alignment, weight transfer, and targeting techniques.

Become an MMA powerhouse, merging traditional wisdom with modern application.

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Course Curriculum

  MMA Fundamentals - Footwork, Stances and Striking
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